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Creating Organic Masks in Photoshop (download PDF)

Sometimes, the Magic Wand isn't so magic. And using the Pen Tool to silhouette someone's hair is much too painful. There's a better way, as this tutorial shows you.

The Importance of Neutrality: How to cure a color cast in Photoshop (download PDF)

If you can find something in an image that should be neutral, Photoshop can cure poor color by using that neutral area as a guide.

Mapping Artwork onto Irregular Surfaces (download PDF)

Need to comp a logo onto a t-shirt, flag, or other irregular surface? Photoshop lets you do this, without resorting to a 3D program.

How Variables Work in InDesign (download ZIPped archive of video)

Variables in InDesign allow you to create recipes for generated text, including automatic dates and running headers or footers.