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Training for the Graphic Arts Community

After more than 20 years of providing classroom and onsite training all across the United States, I'm now semi-retired. What's "semi" retirement? It means that I'll still deliver training to clients within a reasonable driving distance of Atlanta as long as I live there — no more nights spent in airports, or flights spent wedged between people with no elbow control.

I'll still be glad to provide tech support for current and past clients — that's forever. But my days of being a Road Warrior are over.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients — it's been a good run, and I've met some truly lovely people.

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*Practicalia: Practical matters.

It's an old chemistry-lab term for important preparations before an experiment. How does this apply to training and consulting? It means you learn practical skills and create a solid groundwork for real-world work. With fewer explosions.